The Funding Portal improves access to both government funding and private financing in Canada. The portal aggregates information on more than 7,000 sources of funding, providing unique data analytics products, as well as access to partners and services that greatly improve the ability of companies, institutions and non-profits to secure the funding they seek. More than 17,000 Canadian organizations use The Funding Portal to find funding each month.

The Funding Portal was registered in the summer of 2014 by securities regulators as Canada’s first Exempt Market Dealer portal facilitating access to both government funding and private financing.

The Funding Portal responds to a serious need in the market: businesses, including their national industry associations, investors and bankers, report that they have little or no understanding of how to find capital through government grants or private financing, nor do they have the resources or expertise to access them. What’s more, funders report that 80% of applications are rejected for non-compliance.

Visit the portal’s main website at www.thefundingportal.com for more information.